Broadcast media has evolved into a serious network infrastructure and the rabbit ears on the television set will simply not cut it for your customers. And in today’s business world, your network operations rely on the delivery of high bandwidth transmissions over your structured cabling system. Whether your system requires 5E or 10gig fiber optic cabling, One Button specialists have the expertise to keep your business on the cutting edge of technology and system programming.

One Button’s experience with the end systems like internet, WiFi, security systems, DAS, etc.,gives them a significant advantage over their competitors in assisting architects, general contractors in getting the backbone cabling infrastructure needed to achieve their clients their final solutions. So when a tenant moves into a brand new fifty story high rise, in downtown LA, just laid with miles of fiber optic cable form the garage to the skybox, they expect the outlets, lights, alarms and phone lines to work without fail.

By color coding each wire and meticulously labeling every component in the system, One Button creates simplicity out of very complex set of operations. One Button can be involved in an administrative consulting position as well as executing the final scope down to the termination and commission of wireless networks and wall terminals. Installation with attention to detail.

  • Fiber Optics
  • Cable Abatement
  • Outside Plant
  • CAD Documentation
  • RFP Consulting
  • Data Center Design
  • Riser Management
  • Hot Aisle Management